Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Education in indonesia... Pffftt...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009
How good is the education in Indonesia?
Better check this info out. Again, just for a reminder, not all the information you may find in this are correct.

Quote from Uncyclopedia about Indonesia:



Fundamental exercises in Tawuran.

Tawuran, is a modernized martial art developed in 1970 by the Ministry of Education for the purpose of enhancing the physical fitness of Indonesian youth. Tawuran is mostly based on the ancient Indonesian martial art, Kerusuhan (lit. "Riot"), developed by Java Man, the first king of Indonesia. Exercises in Tawuran involve running, intimidation tactics, coordinated rock-throwing, and self-immolation. It's difficult to find qualified Tawuran instructors due to the self-immolation thing.


Starting at age 12, all Indonesian students are required to participate in demonstrations and protests, usually on a weekly basis. By the end of high school, students have participated in demonstrations or protests for and/or against almost any imaginable issue or non-issue. Students are expected to demonstrate or protest as ordered, even against themselves. It is not uncommon for students to carry signs with messages such as "Down With Me" or "Students Suck". By college-age, many students have actually attacked themselves and administered self-beatings or had hunger strikes against themselves or even against food itself.

Indonesian Student Code of Conduct

  • Honor corruption by cheating on all tests, even if you actually know the answers
  • Flatter the teacher by offering them oral sex
  • Show a spirit of cooperation by coordinating cheating in exams and after-school orgies
  • Participate in Demonstrations and Strikes at least once per week

How to Succeed in Indonesian Classes

  • Staple a 50,000 Rupiah note (US$5) to your assignment before handing in.
  • Staple a 100,0000 Rupiah note to submitted assignments (some teachers are getting very strict now).
  • Lift (female students) skirt to (male) teachers before handing in assignments.


  1. Alethea 'Leti' DjajaMay 27, 2009 at 8:55 AM

    Lol..this is crazy..
    but that is the truth in most Indonesian schools..though not all of them..
    "when there's money, there's always a way" kan..

  2. lol... tawuran is a martial arts???

  3. what????
    oral sex??
    hmmm...nice..want some..


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